With this release, we made the following technical changes to SOAP web services and namespace for the FBO to SAM port. 

SAM/FBO SOAP Web Service Changes

We added <emailid> to <authenticationdata> in the SOAP web service to stay current with the latest SAM changes.


            <AuthenticationData xsi:type="sam:AuthenticationData"> 

                        <username xsi:type="xsd:string">system account user-name</username> 

                        <password xsi:type="xsd:string">system account pass-word</password> 

                        <emailid xsi:-type="xsd:string">ContractingOfficeEmail@gsa.gov</emailid> 



The system automatically fills the Contracting Office Email field with the new site-level posting email ID value, if present. Otherwise, the system sends the CO's email address on the solicitation. If neither is available, then the system uses the buyer's email address. If the solicitation is being sent to SAM/FBO but there is no posting email ID or CO or buyer, then PRISM displays an error message to tell the user that he or she is required to select a contracting officer in the document.


AuthenticationData contains three string elements now instead of two.

SAM/FBO Namespace Changes

The following new namespace information changed to stay current with SAM:

  • Test Server Namespace: sam
  • Production Server Namespace: sam