To stay current with the changes in SAM, we made some site-level changes. They are described below.

SAM/FBO Changes for Site Setup

The FedBizOpps section on the site-level Posting Options page has been changed and is now the SAM/FBO section. The newly renamed SAM/FBO section also contains two changes:

  • The existing Posting Method field now includes SAM as a selection in the drop-down list
  • The Posing Email ID field is new

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The following picture illustrates the newly renamed SAM/FBO section, the new SAM selection in the existing Posting Method field, and the new Posting Email ID field, all on the Posting Options page for sites in the System Setup module.


The field definition for the existing Posting Method field has been updated to include the SAM selection. The following text is the newly updated, comprehensive field definition for the Posting Method field.

Use the Posting Method field to select the posting service your agency uses to post procurement information. The selections in the list might vary, but in general you might be able to choose from FedBizOpps (FBO) or the System for Award Management (SAM). You can also choose to leave the field blank.

Select the posting method that best applies to your agency:

  • FBO
  • SAM

If you select FBO, the notice will be posted to legacy FBO. You should use this until GSA announces the migration to SAM is complete.

If you select SAM, the notice will be posted to You should begin using this once GSA announces the migration to SAM is complete.

Legacy Information

For agencies with a legacy setting of FBO, the following will be true when the site-level Posting Method field is switched from FBO to SAM:

  • No longer allow Foreign Government Standard (submitForeignGovernment) or Fair Opportunity / Limited Sources Justification (submitFairOpp) notice types on send or resend. When the user clicks Send or Resend for a deprecated message type, the error message, "<message type> is no longer supported by SAM,” displays.
  • Send new Set-Aside values on send or resend
  • Include <EmailID> and <OfficeID> tags
  • Send new namespace


In the Posting Email ID field, type your agency's posting method email ID. This enables your agency to configure the email address it wants to use for posting documents to SAM, etc. You can use up to 128 alphanumeric characters in this field.