The Acquisition Information fields that were added with the 7.4 base release can now be hidden. If your agency uses the existing edit configurable text feature, users with the right access level can click Show Configuration Options to see extra page editing features that do not otherwise display. These extra page editing features include the ability to rewrite page section labels and field labels and to choose to hide some sections and/or fields.

So now, with this enhancement, you can also choose whether to hide the whole entire Acquisition Information section and all of its fields, or you can pick and choose the fields from that section that you want to keep and the fields you want to hide. It's entirely up to you, and PRISM affords you the flexibility to choose what works best for agency and its users.

This applies to the following document types:

  • Requisitions
  • Solicitations
  • .NET awards

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The following picture illustrates how it might look.