As of the most current PRISM version (7.4.2), all PRISM 7.4 releases and beyond will adhere to a versioning format that more closely aligns with Microsoft and industry standards. The new 7.4 PRISM releases will be versioned using the following convention:


where "MAJOR" represents the major release number, "MINOR" the minor release number, "REVISION" the revision number, "BUILD" the build number, which will increase with every software build.

For example, what was to be "PRISM 7.4 Service Pack 2" will instead be called "PRISM 7.4.2.x". If you have an agency branch, the version number will be amended with a client indicator.

Please note that this will only affect PRISM 7.4.2.x and beyond; any new releases of PRISM 7.3 will retain the old versioning format, such as "PRISM 7.3 Service Pack 6 Hotfix 1 (Build ID".