A new feature in the 7.4 release is the ability to generate a customized cover page for .NET awards, assistance agreements, and solicitations with system data from DBCol tags. There is no special type of document template needed, although the document’s format must be .DOCX. Other document formats will not parse the tags. 

Using DBCol tags for your cover page will not change the print order. You can use any DBCol tag from the document template DBCol list for your document.

You can find a full list of the formats in PRISM if you follow the provided steps below:

1. Navigate to System Setup | Document Formats 
2. Select any document format 
3. Select Header/Footer
4. Select Edit Header or Footer Comment 
5. Select Insert tab

In a box labeled "PRISM fields" there will be a drop down of all DBCOLS. Please make sure to use the correct format as below: 


The system will run validations on your cover page and substitute null data tags with a “To Be Determined” message. The document templates for cover pages with DBCol tags can be added from your library or your local computer.