In PRISM version 7.4 SP1, we have added the integration of Marketplace. Once you have this functionality enabled in your agency's PRISM instance (Please click on Configuring PRISM for Reverse Auctions in Requisitions for additional details), after releasing a Requisition you now have the option to post it directly to Marketplace , from PRISM. To post the Requisition to Marketplace, please follow these simple steps outlined below:

  1. In The Requisition Navigator page select "Post Reverse Auction" from the "Other Actions" drop down menu:

        2. A confirmation window will appear. Here is were you will input the RA end date/time and Time Zone:   

        3.  Click "Continue". If the Reverse Auction successfully passes PRISM validations you will see the following                                 confirmation window appear:

The Requisition has now been sent to Unison Marketplace Successfully. Please note that requisition is still in "Draft" Status and will NOT posted live to Marketplace. You must sign into Marketplace and click "Post Buy" (See screenshot below):