We have enhanced the Requisition module to add a bridge between PRISM and Marketplace. In order to use this bridge your agency must obtain the reverse auction portal API key - please see the process top obtain below. 

In order to obtain a copy of the reverse auction portal API key, you must place a formal request. This formal request can be made by using the Unison Business to Business Interconnect Request Annual Review form. 

This form requires information like below:

  • Agency name
  • Source IP address or addresses
  • Agency contact information, etc.

The form is attached to the end of the PRISM 7.4 SP 1 New Functionality Overview or you may email MarketplaceTechSupport@UnisonGlobal.com and request a copy of the Unison Business to Business Interconnect Request/Annual Review form—in this case someone from Unison will send you a reply with a copy of the form. 4 

Once the form is completed, you must send it to:


Once completed someone will finalize your agency's RA B2B credentials and then contact you to let you know what to do next. You may go through the configuration process and complete as much of the system setup fields as possible so that once you have the key, you can add that to what you've already set up and then you'll be ready to get started. 

Please follow the link below to learn how to configure PRISM for this enhancement: 

Configuring PRISM for Reverse Auctions in Requisitions