If your agency utilizes Archive database, then the Active database and Archive database upgrades for a given PRISM version should be done in parallel. The Archive database uses views and materialized views from the Active database; if upgrades are not done in parallel it may cause data corruption. 

For example, if your Active and Archive databases are on PRISM 7.3 base and you are about to upgrade to PRISM 7.3 SP6 HF2, the upgrade sequence should be as follows:

  1. Upgrade Active database to 7.3 SP6 
  2. Upgrade Archive Database to 7.3 SP6
  3. Upgrade Active database to 7.3 SP6 HF2
  4. Upgrade Archive database to 7.3 SP6 HF2

Please refer to the Installation Guide for additional information and full details regarding database upgrades.