In the 7.4 version of the application, the Funding Opportunity module has been upgraded to .NET from .ASP. This upgrade, in addition to changing the appearance of Funding Opportunities, includes the following additional changes:

  • Removed the ability to apply a specific program package template (PPT) to a funding opportunity. This feature was replaced via a combination of the new Word Templates feature (see "7.3 Service Pack 6: Word Templates Feature" article) and the ability to copy an existing funding opportunity
  • Added the ability to use a section template when you create a new funding opportunity
  • Included the award ceiling and the award floor in the Amounts section on the Summary panel
  • Included the ability to use the updated SF 424 view (open and read) the zip files associated with funding opportunities, and to use the new Federal Assistance Application Data (SF 424) ad hoc category
  • Included the "response tree" functionality
  • Included the ability to hide fields (for award information, project information, and dates) when the user has the ability to configure fields
  • Added assistance-type fields