There are two different methods used to search for a buyer in the Buyer Assignment utility, however they each are for a different purpose:

1. Select the “Buyer” radio button and select the buyer from the pick menu.

2. Select a requisition without a buyer |click “Continue” | select a buyer from the pick menu for the New Buyer field.

When selecting a buyer through the first method, the search will display every user in the selected site that has been assigned the role of buyer. This is so that you will be able to search for a requisition by the buyer associated with the requisition, regardless of whether they are inactive or no longer a part of a particular site, as a buyer could be inactive or no longer part of a particular site, but still assigned to a requisition from before they became inactive or changed sites.

Also, this is not where you would select the buyer to assign to a requisition. If you were to search for a buyer by performing the second method, you would only be searching for buyers who are active, as this is where you would be searching for buyers to assign to requisitions, and they would need to be active to do so.