Any tasks that are due in the next seven days will show up in your Tasks widget. Each document in the list is a hyperlink. Click the link to quickly access the documents for which you have an assigned task. Alternatively, you can access the full Task List (to include tasks due more than seven days in the future) from the widget by clicking on the "Tasks" link in the title of the widget.

On the Task List page you can mark a task as completed by selecting the check box in the checkbox column. If you want to reopen a completed task, just uncheck the box in the checkbox column.

Note: If you would like to have a reopened completed task appear in your Task List again, you must set the Status field to "All", or to "Open" on the Tasks panel.

The tasks that display in the list on the Task List page can be filtered or "sorted" alphabetically or numerically by the following columns that display on the page:

  • Tasks – Description
  • Due Date
  • Document Number
  • Document Type
  • Assigned By
  • Assigned Date
  • Task Type

Additional information about managing tasks can be found in the application's Online Help:

Help | Contents | Navigation | Understanding Widgets | Tasks Widget

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