Prior to 7.3, each vendor record will have to be manually updated via the front-end. To perform this update, navigate to System Setup | Vendor | select the Vendor | Click SAM and update the record.

If your agency has upgraded to 7.3, we have now released the SAM batch upload utility (a.k.a. the SAM batch utility) for use with SAM entity management extracts for agencies that prefer to use SAM extracts to maintain vendor data in the application. The SAM batch utility is installed and runs separately. Please check with your account manager if your agency has this configuration enabled.

If your agency prefers to use batch updates to maintain vendor data, the application's SAM batch utility enables your agency to use SAM entity management extracts for daily and monthly vendor data updates.


From the document level, you can use the "Refresh Vendor" button to update vendor data in an "In Progress" document. When you do so, the application retrieves the most recent information from the system vendor table.