When a user receives a new PIV/CAC certificate, they may be unable to log into the application. If this is the case, the following steps must be taken in order to disassociate the old certificate and associate the new certificate on the front end. This will require a user with Sys Admin access.

  1. Log into the application as the Sys Admin user, navigate to System Setup | User, select the user in question, navigate to the "General" page, and click "Edit".
  2. Uncheck the "CAC/PIV Card User" option and click Submit.
  3. Click "Edit" again, recheck the "CAC/PIV Card User" option, and click Submit.
  4. Click the "Return" button, then the "Return to Home" button to return to the home page.
  5. Navigate to "Utilities" and click the "Reset Passwords" link.
  6. Enter the user's User ID into the "User ID" field, make sure the "Actions" value is set to "Reset Password", and enter in a temporary password into the "New Password" and "Confirm Password" fields. Then click "Submit".

Have the user in question sign into the application using the temporary password entered in the previous step. The user will be prompted to reset their password. Once they log into the home page, have the user click "Sign Out" to bring the user back to the login page, then have them sign back in again with their new password. The user's account will now be CAC enabled with the new certificate.